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My Mom's Letter to You!

My mom, Kathleen, wrote a letter out by hand this morning, June 8th, 2011. I thought it was interesting and wanted to add it to my blog. There's been a lot of talk of the "end days" and I agree with her that these are not the end days. However, I do believe that this time presents a good opportunity to right our wrongs.


How do we right our wrongs?  …through the forgiveness process, which I will be blogging more about. Yet, if there is someone who has wronged you, forgive him or her. Easy, I know, to say. It only took me twenty years to forgive the man who killed my brother and there are days that I wonder if I really have forgiven him.


Have you hurt somebody? Then offer an apology. It takes great character to apologize. Sometimes our apologies go unaccepted. That's okay, make the apology anyway. It's the first step in righting our wrongs. It is the first step to entering the new kingdom to come.


So, here is my mom's letter to you:


The year 2012 is approaching with a dire prediction of the Mayan calendar that ends time; bringing on terrible consequences for Earth, our galaxy, and the Universe.


Some say, "It is the end of Earth, the stars, and heaven." Blaming God instead of our own human behavior. It is true that we are at the crossroads of over population, food shortages that will bring on famine, wars, Arab Spring of overthrowing dictators and killing each other needlessly, broken-false economies, poverty, high unemployment, education and health decline, climate change and many more woes. Trouble from greed, stealing Earth's resources, and higher taxes to support war, bailouts, and stimulating the economy will leave future generations in misery.


Yet, I believe the opposite of what time means and what is going to happen to us.


We are entering a new kingdom that will last 250 million years. Jesus came to talk about this new kingdom to see it and how to enter this new era…by being born again. Seeing the new kingdom, one is struck by time. We can measure the old kingdom by fossil records, geological events, tree rings, ice cores, DNA, written records, evolution and magnetic pole shifts. The new kingdom will have different time markers.


Einstein's work was revealing time of the galaxy and the universe. If you don't know time you cannot understand events in our own galaxy or the universe. For instance, the speed of light and sound, the motion of our own solar system, (gravity) and the expansion/contraction of our galaxy into the universe are all markers of time.


We can travel to the moon or Mars, which looks like to us a dead planet or satellite. We can't understand the evolution or history of the moon or Mars.  We must find their markers of time to understand their evolution and history of Mars or the moon.


Taking resources has marked our time in history. Taking resources is not finding time. It is stealing. Not only are we stealing from the Earth, but also we are stealing from ourselves and causing climate change.


We have made plenty of mistakes with our natural-energy resources. If we would look closely, though, we would realize that they mirror the mistakes we've made managing our own personal stores of energy and vitality. We spend a lot of energy and time doing what exactly?


As a side note, it concerns me that in our quest for plentiful energy and the improved quality of life that energy promises, we've embraced solutions like fossil fuels and nuclear power that threaten not just our own health, but also the well being of the planet. And, has all of this energy brought us any closer to goals that matter?



The 250 million years of the new kingdom is also the time or the cycle for our solar system to travel one loop around our own galaxy. We have made at least twenty-one trips around our galaxy. Each trip has been enormously important. One trip separated day into night. Our planet was mainly hydrogen without the shadows to create night.


On the 20th trip, fossil fuels, (oil and their derivatives) were laid down in the same formation all over Earth. There is no oil below that formation and none above. Oil is a miracle, an event that seems impossible to explain by natural laws, (it's regarded as a supernatural event in origin or only could be an act of God. This supernatural event is likening to the death of the dinosaurs or the great flood of Noah). How do you explain them?


Jesus said, "That he lived in the mist of this current kingdom.  He came to tell us about that time.  A kingdom that was obscured, blurred, concealed, veiled so that people could not see God's kingdom, but a time would soon come when we would see this new kingdom.  It is a time when God's light would be here on Earth.


God is a light that shines warmer, loving and brighter. This is not the love we have on Earth.  There are no words on Earth to describe this love, as we have a depraved form of love that is morally debased or corrupted. You can also see how the ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun.


This light has the ability to communicate and create.  This light has wisdom and knows the passed, present and future.  Scientists have talked about a fiber optic that can communicate or a carbon nanotube that can carry information as we try to copy this form of light.


Nature is our first teacher.  If we can't see it in nature, we can't invent, innovate new knowledge or have wisdom.  In the United States, children are staying in the house or going to school.  There is a storehouse of knowledge to learn, thinking that your brain can make a logical leap to new concept, if only we could learn all of this knowledge. Yes we can see patterns of thought, but without the experience in nature we will soon develop false concepts.


The number one rule is that nature is the one way to observe a new phenomenon that advances knowledge and civilization. Our children cannot lead the way until we put them back into the environment to observe nature's laws.


Let me predict or make known beforehand what is going to happen.  Like the Japanese three nuclear power plant's melted down and leaked radiation after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, we became aware that this ghastly event could destroy us or leave our health compromised.  It so scared us that many countries started the process to eliminate nuclear power from their countries and possibly Earth.


Likewise so will our military cause an event that is so ghastly that humans will make a conscious objection to not belong to the military.  People working on military weapons, our National scientific labs and the industry that makes weapons will become a museum.


People will understand the facts and become aware of their greed, a big bang weapon, bragging rights, power with a thrill, and a false high that make them produce such destruction.  They will realize that they are killing someone else's children, women, sacrificing young breeding boys and girls, and sowing seeds of hate and violence ...all ghastly events that could destroy or soon end their employment in the military or weapon's industry.  War has the potential to destroy quad-trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure, destroy civilization, and cause misery. War can put us back into the dark ages. Instead all of us will work to save civilization.


The U.S. government is starting to privatize NASA, putting space into the hands of the aerospace industry. Making better dogfights, escaping into space that leads to weapons being placed in space.  Scientist with brainpower will soon object. This knowledge will be lost to history.  If they continue 90% of the population will perish on Earth before the new kingdom arrives.  That alone is enough to make us stop killing.


Only goodness and being able to walk in the light of God  (righteousness) can enter the new kingdom.  Righteousness is living right with God.  Evil will not turn towards the light. It will perish.


The Arab Spring is no accident.  Ancient Egypt carries the seeds of the Bible and their great civilization of the past will lead the way to the new kingdom.  Greece plays a part, but I do not understand the why.


Then the many temples and churches will be left to explain why they championed wars, killings, and greed, stealing money or resources. They will have to explain their corruption at the end of the old kingdom.  Those from India will have to explain the cast system of leaving millions starving to death with no way to live.


All religions will remove their garbs that distinguish a Jew from a monk or some other religion.  They will have to explain why Abraham set the course that is still be played out in fights and wars with the Muslims.


We will set the stage for the enormous importance of the new kingdoms... ending 250 million years from now.  We all think short term about profits and motives.  Now we will go to long-term thoughts.  Creation will renew.  War, religion and some intuitions will end.  There will be no need for a powerful government to wage war.  Nationalism will end.


One trip around the galaxy is not the end.  There will be at least 20 more.  Yes time is very important.  We must understand time to survive.  It is very important to change.  You will see the new kingdom, but now we must plant the seeds.  Without the wisdom of God, our seeds will not take root.  A spiritual awakening will happen in 2012.  It will be the beginning of new time on Earth. God will need your help.


Once the new seeds are planted and maintained for growth our old kingdom will pass away. This will happen fast.  One year to one hundred years.  We actually are in the kingdom now.


If the churches don't write their history, their part, then we will never know their time on Earth.  It is not like having a fossil record.  It has to be written. It will be like explaining why the dinosaurs died and lived.  Evil will fade away never to be known as a sin.  Churches cannot glorify the record.  To falsify the records will be part of evil, it will be destroyed. But of course no one is going to believe. So the record will not be written in time. You don't know it yet, but you are planting the seeds by living in the light.


To walk into the glorification of God is to share God's glory of all creation and His light.  It is justification (forgiveness) righteousness (walking right with God) and glorification (being able to see the work that God's shares with us).  Those are by Grace, a gift given by God.  God wants you to see and share his Glory. When you see His new kingdom, you will understand glorification and time markers. You will know why Jesus came. You will know that you are part of His pl

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